America at War with US

Utilized children to rebuttal pushback towards persuasion of children being child groomed in argument over the lack of government integrity and accountability, another instance which my children are exploited, tortured or experimented on to have situation covered up. Show of force over the software on the 3D Medical Body scan paper doll, which the qBCI would be positioned as the place mind is declared speaking, yet a psuedo term created for deceiving, is the ELF Communication area top of mid floor, translated further for upper floor to conflict by loudspeaker to be heard.

12:00 Noon Chicago Time. APR 2, 2022

Government declares they’re capable of now pushing charges onto any of the public if their weapons are not capable enough. This decides public receiving the guilt, blame when Government person fails to assassinate target.

10:10PM March 28, 2022

The explanation that the fullest capable reach the Government has over the people is kidnapping and holding my children hostage. That child grooming would have reverse penalties towards Government demands. Proceeds with the poor method to grip English context through attempts in framing conversation as father speaks.

10:15PM March 23, 2022

Gray, Behavior Health ARMY & Correction decides keeping children hostage, exploited simply to avoid fathers statement going public. Claims that go into Government having hacking, isolation capabilities that allow weapons and null explanation children are in.

10:00AM March 19, 2022

Legal matters over statement with more than a dozen individuals speaking; not solely within the count overall, by multiple speakers on multiple levels. Remarks, threats of liability avoided intentionally, accountability ignored intentionally.

10:00\10:23AM March 2022

Telemedice Medicade declared as a chemical weapon, modified by software to create the biological weapon. FDA Mechanism for ranged targeting by chemical injection, BCI spacial positioning to harm, torture and interfere with biological anatomy. Human Anatomy exposed by the 3D scanning capabilities for medical, prosthetics and weaponry. Researched through Berkeley and Maryland. A Behavior Health derived source for manufacturing and influencer towards mental health capital gain with the introduction to various pharmaceutical advancement that are geared towards transmission overair.

901 Calahan St. Alley way. Muskogee OK 74403 Woman kept inside garage and raped. Police and local business owners get irrate and will exclude investigating area. Members with the court, police to confirm by suspects when involved. Ran off and woman put behind walled garage, I explain she isn’t just some property you can treat however. Refusing to let her go or show whether she is safe. Government in town try to interfere with issue by not letting it reported. Cause was explained to be increase due to wanting my children.

10:54AM APR 5 2022

On S 11th ST & W Okmulgee JFR TIRE SHOP

irrate employee and customer began shouting to not report, they explain waiting at car shop is more important than someone’s life. Ignores the woman’s safety and will try to start fight to get off property, to never come back. Although on sidewalk and will forget prior statement which is rebut for proof. They had waited to get involved here and few other places, while being seen in various locations being pushed back. Normal situation within getting assistance, Thankfully Iā€™m independent enough to barely be subjective to such fate. Similar situation involved a knife fight, which suspect had no support and would bleed out as authorities and surrounding individuals let risk increase.

11:11AM APR 5 2022


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