Criminal charges. My children kept hostage. Vincent & Victor Bower. The Father, Jonathan Edward Bower.

Affiant DOB: On the year Nineteen-Eighty Six of day January Seventeenth. 01/17/1986
Affiant Location: 1124 Ash Street, Muskogee Oklahoma 74403
Status: Jurisdictions and Proof of claims was denied. Unauthorized hearing and the compensation exceeding deadline. Preventing the Rights of Affiant to be upheld, and to pursue unwarranted circumstances for affiant in proceeding.

Notice to Court: I put this Court on Notice of criminal fraud that had been committed against me. I have a firm, good faith reliance that Officers of the Court have executed oaths to support both State and Federal Constitutions, and to uphold the law. I have a firm, good faith reliance that Officers of the court are educated, trained, paid, and sworn to uphold the law.

Officers of this Court are required to report criminal activity as promptly as they become aware of it. I have been a victim in this matter since it was initiated and perpetrated on 12/30/19 through blatant fraud and violations of due process of law by Robert S, Chris D, Jessica H, Tammy L. and Officer’s of this Court. Records proving select claims through cases 19D109, 19D696 and 21D104. This action filed solely by Tammy Lamelino is required to be bonded, and I’m going to need to see a copy of the insurance bond that is covering this Case because I have suffered damages in this matter, and intend to claim the full amount of the indemnity bond, before I then go on the offense and bring each and every man and woman involved in this matter into a proper “Court of Record” and make each and every man and woman explain how they did what they did. I don’t sue TITLES, I sue men and women in their individual capacity, and there is no immunity for any man or woman that willfully acts without Jurisdiction or Good Cause.

I have yet to go on the Offense in this matter and require this Court docket to accurately reflect what has transpired so that I may hold accountable every man and woman that has Administered my Property without right.

My statement will be made clear and only Director, I, Jonathan Edward Bower will approve of final Statements to be fraudulent or not.

-Jonathan Edward Bower, Director
Dear Google user,

Google has received legal process issued by the Pennsylvania State Police
compelling the release of information related to your Google account. The
agency reference number or case number on the legal process is 1042-MD-2020.

Unless we promptly receive a copy of a filed motion to quash that is
file-stamped by a court of competent jurisdiction, Google may provide
responsive documents pursuant to applicable law, such as the Electronic
Communications Privacy Act.  See 18 U.S.C. § 2701 et seq.  In most cases,
the file-stamped objection must be received by Google within 7 days of the
date of this notification.

For more information about how Google handles legal process, view our
transparency report at

Google is not in a position to provide you with legal advice or discuss the
substance of the legal process. A copy of the legal process will be
provided upon request. If you have other questions regarding this matter,
we encourage you to contact an attorney. Please note that we require an
emailed statement sent from your account authorizing us to communicate with
your attorney about your account.

Please reply to this email or contact and reference
the case identification number located in the subject line in any further
communications regarding this matter.

Legal Investigations Support
Google LLC
You received this announcement to update you about important information in
regards to your Google account.
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When corona.
The face of US government continues to rotate..
Yet, the clerks of Muskogee OK and Pekin IL has nothing competing in scope of such. This is beyond ignoring the filing from docket, or mail fraud. This sits and is allowed to run its course…

Hacking, intrusion and amount of property destroyed in this whole operation goes into an absurd scale. Beside the exchange debackle, which I have yet to equate accurately, was millions towards just the hindering factor in sabotage towards a certain portfolio of mine.

The intrusive behavior with offline devices tampered with via electric grid the electrical grid spiking that would create carbon tax patterns as well, which were experienced by many in the southern areas too.

-(Love my boy’s.)

I, Jonathan Edward Bower demand justice & Accountability for the kidnapping of Vincent A. Bower, Victor R. Bower & assault on myself, Jonathan E. Bower by Gray, Paries & US Government. responsible for exploiting the legal system in order to perform a PSYOP with weapons of mass destruction meant to control human trafficking/profit/mind.

Interference with legality by hindering, tampering & invasion of privacy through abusing technology without jurisdiction nor provisioned to do on the people. Interfering with the privacy act in regards towards Google & PA State Police. Failure to provide legal documentation which had been demanded by law. The PSYOP it self, illegal by orders. Court has accepted Liability Claim, failing to meet legal responsibility of due date by claim that involves multiple court rooms attempting unauthorized hearings. Court and Sherriff department guilty for Mail Fraud, fraudulently creating paperwork to conduct an investigation meant for isolating father/children. Keeping children hostage, utilized as blackmail.

Claims found within CO, AZ & OK made by Jonathan E. Bower in regards to illegal operation involving the US Government. Altering statements and theft of property through locations. Megan Sharon Gray fleeing to Pekin Illinois assisted by Family, Authorities & Officials. Fraudulent Legal Paperwork & acting with lethal force to disrupt public & private life of Jonathan E. Bower.

Courtcase 19D696,19D109 & 21D104 proving the malicious acts by Mail Fraud, Officer/Official Misconduct. Stealing & destroying property, refusal to provide name & badge number although video evidence has been provided to public.Extorting, false claims to undermine children’s safety. Attorney General refusing legal responsibility by void in reviewing & false claims that are meant to elude situation. Courts, judges & authorities acting with behavior health to kidnap children & attack father solely for the profiteering aspect behind pedophile ring

letter to Whitehouse. Sent out to many officials, one of many over the years. Yet, most of the time via email or any context of that matter, select statements come back after a few times I demand it by law, seeing it altered…


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