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Vincent A. Bower & Victor R. Bower

My oldest born 5 Nov.

Youngest a new Year.
In God we trust… Christianity, something my children had worse. Cryss Cross negatively off path, struggles real when anti. told it’s not for them. This was, and none will supersede them. Good luck. 

Two eagle antennas on the world for fire and ice challenge.

War against the Jew and imposter Government. Germany, America being a sovereign nation has no single leader, a Byzantine reflection. Byzantine Empire a secret that was meant for peace and transcending reasons. The relocating empire being the creating force behind all civilization. An attack from the Vatican and Jew, whom would go underground and resurfacing to bring about a pornographic vision of the new world order to light. The Israeli reform of the Jew, accepting the knowledge which had intoxicated their minds to descend and out into the light would be a Vatican intention to bring forth the Jew once again. The properties of our roots bring unnecessary fear, volatile belief to Israel, while Vatican promotes a seat near to establish the awaking, a rule that the Vatican would break. When the Orthodox declared the schism, it had the church part ways, leaving the church to three internal changes to the infrastructure of Rome. Leaving the Vatican to a deprived state for thousands of years with the Israeli culture carving the jew. The eagle who face away from one another. Germany, who fought on all sides and would be seen putting their arms down in the trenches, the Americans who would be seen that sank to the bottom the sea straight out the gate. The only land mass available for Hitler, a jew who made Germans dance like cancan dancers in the streets would promote from outside as leader. While teams of betraying Germans and nazi Jews would rake Germany for any hiding Jews had betrayed their kind. Jews who could be found in floors, walls and underground passages would be the ones attempting to escape, scientists who would work on weapons that the Jew knew could create. The burning and destruction of books, scripture and infrastructure. When the bodies came back, their identities taken by the Jew which had also murdered millions of the Americans on the east side, allowing free range to a degree to access and establish the facilities of the corporate nation. Removing research facilities, the Victorian buildings, our institutions and scientific facilities which were a paid resource through the governing party. While defacing the need for research with poor belief of education and improper funding by incorporating business into the governing party had been put forward. Greeting the Vatican over to create catholic schools that demented our youth and populated heretics into Christianity groups with pedophile priests and fallacy of no science.  Now, while we see UN, the US treason fabrication that they demand seen, will murder the blacks, claim African people are American to allow murder of blacks hidden as they’re replaced with African contracts. Claim white America to destroy the ones who would disobey their regime orders, to murder and trade the most valuable slave, blond and blue eyes is the highest demand in the black market. Slavery portrayed while frontier is obviously clear and never deemed a payment needed to be free, Land and occupation was what Byzantine made clear because Rome wasn’t built in a day, it’s built in 2. The black and white flag. The Indian tribes being next generation governing way. The tribe being the next part in the worlds civilization chain. The slaughter of natives, the removal of history and the attempt to claim under British colony is a defile on my nation. Equality change and direction being a fabrication for war, the media bridge into journalism and the murder of journalist a thing. What has the US done, besides imprison ones who would create fortitude and put barriers around protecting the people when these infrastructures are meant for everyone to look away and for the government to keep a grip on. 

The real Panda. He’s 0 to 1, second to none. The jap man who solved the world.

I’m skunkbrow, or Jonathan Edward Bower. Once upon a time, a Hoache. It’s not nice seeing you, you see, you kidnap my kin. They’re not for you, and I cut the head from the snake. #shameonyou #anon #lulsec #badworld #evil #nomemetoo 

Well Tesla had known, we’re white and black about same things. The orca says so, the frequency in which it speaks.


Run and Rhyme on two cans.  Dyhagramic Blockchain with Protocopy implications And “Tesla coil generator” lulz, Constantine orders. 

The slaughtering select few endure, including myself has not been solely met with friends and family members murdered, but the US Government stain while removing the lives of the authority and officials whom have pursued unlawful behavior bring no penalty, in fact, the act covered up and the requirement to end the lives of the US Government an ongoing requirement. The falsified fear they are above the law, the fraudulent proclaimed belief that respect is due when no one in sight to pick up the Government corpses is b a reality check.

Movement​​Tribe Government. Removal of UN free loaders. Removal of incorporated branches. Government standards to be aligned and focused. Healthcare, science and institutes, record keeping. ​​
​​The education system being a fallacy. No one needs a mock in America, an instructor whom is lacking authenticity and description has a shallow stance in America. Said person through instructor is a member of society unlike the worlds basic infrastructure, the root of demand solely met on the streets. A non influenced member deemed creditable enough to educate is an attempt at selling education and it’s belief you’re providing time into a worth while investment, when in fact there is no proof of worth. The field is published, the role filled and yet now there is a seat else where. Wait, relocate, fill position. A complete supply that no one has ever utilized besides the overflow in grads. ​​

War on America. The old proclaimed new. The censorship to isolate the people, prevents the congregation, establishment and liberal sense. The only way, force US Government to submit by execution and cutting down the 1%.

Mental Health is a scheme to demoralize friends and family. The research provides no scientific evidence. It’s front end to the market is established via , a driving market and it’s sole purpose. The oral method is not the method of choice, not the formulas intended design. The purpose has FDA and select government programs via telemedicine, mechanism dosage. The 3D Medical scan is a paper doll for localized targeting of injection. The injection performed by software and needle with chemical compound injected into mechanism pod, allowing pharmaceutical research to be put into a new perspective and field of use. The leading factor in CDC research. America being leeched off by the enemy. The enemy utilizes what they can’t B via nations backbone.

Sgt. Megan Sharon Gray. A 68 MOS technician. One of many psyop fields in US Government, via Army branch. A mental health, hospital career. Allowing the technician free range to maneuver hospital to hospital.

  1. Transmission of data via memory for meta function through mind.
  2. Artificial copy of ourselves with dynamic Bio magnetic field for electrical pathing.
  3. Transferring Electricity via Tesla invention.
  4. developer board for 3D depth programming inside vessels. The monitor.

Separated into new frequencies to attach frequencies transmitted designed around programming the exoskeleton. Body is than a driver and not driven, cybernetic cryogenic nodes to be safe.


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